Tattoo Infos

  • Advance Inquiries

    What has to be considered before a tattoo appointment? A good health- and day-condition is always and advantage, because the amount of pain can be taken easier and the healing process will be influenced positively. That’s is why customers should show about with enough sleep, relaxed and not without an empty stomach. It is to […]

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  • Post-Treatment and Care

    How does a tattoo heal the best way and what has to be kept in mind? A fresh tattoo comes up to a skin-deep injury, comparable to a scrape, and therefor needs some special treatment until it is completely healed. The tattooed body part will be wrapped in some foil and should be kept for […]

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  • Price information

    Really obliging price information can be given only in the course of a comprehensive conversation / to the appointment arrangement and is given in addition usually in a „from to frame“ and the price is always calculated to the respective amount of work involved, time involved and according to cost of materials, as well as […]

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  • Advance payment (deposit)

    Binding to the approved appointment within the effective period (1) an advance payment in a corresponding height (2) via bank transfer  or cash (3) is to be made for security (4) reasons, which will be taken into account at all following appointments (5). In due time, every appointment can be delayed, cancelled (6) or, but […]

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  • Clarification, Legal-basis and Hygiene standards

    The tattoo will usually look different than, e.g., the drawing presentation. Factors like skin colour and skin type are decisive for this among other things. Moreover, size, form and colours of a motive of the respective anatomy of the customer must be adapted. Hence, an exact preview of the result is not possible. Though the […]

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  • Reasons for exclusion

    There are reasons, why some people will not be accepted as customers or why an appointment is discontinued. The following people (or groups of people) will not be tattooed: Teenagers under 16 Pregnant or nursing women People who suffer from a severe illness People who are under the influence of strong medications (e.g. antibiotics) People […]

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