• Does it hurt?

    You bet it hurts – depending on the body part, day condition and personal pain perception of every individual. It can be compared to the feeling after the use of an epilator, or when having a sun burn and you scratch over it with your fingernails. It is not enjoyable, but bearable. Due to the fact that the capacity for suffering is limited, it is recommended to stop tattooing after some hours and continue in a second session, instead of going way over your capacity for suffering, which might lead to shivering and traumatic fever in the aftermath. It is recommended to stick to some rules, which you can find in the information section, to show up to a tattoo session healthy and fit and ready to bear some pain.

  • How much does a tattoo cost?

    Binding price quotes can only be given in the course of a comprehensive talk when fixing a date, at which usually a “from – to” price scale is given. The price always depends on work effort, time and cost of materials. Furthermore, it can be subject to regional circumstances in some cases. The expected (maximum-) price will of course be clarified with the customer, before we get started. The full price, minus the advance payment, is to be paid in full at the appointment on site.

  • What must be considered before, during and after an appointment?

    Especially new customers should have made detailed inquiries before, in order to be well prepared. Further information can be gathered on site during an appointment. Diverse tips for care and aftercare can be found here.

  • How can an appointment be arranged?

    To arrange an appointment please fill out our form, with which all relevant and necessary information is gathered in advance.

  • Where are appointments held?

    Cities in which Bammer will be working in the near future and future stops are found in Tour Dates.

  • How long is the waiting time for an appointment?

    Depending on where the appointment(s) should take place and the size of the planned tattoo project, the waiting time can occasionally take several months. If the tattoo is of smaller size and the customer is flexible in time, an appointment usually can be found within several days or weeks, due to cancellations and postponements of other customers.

  • Can everyone get an appointment with Bammer?

    Unfortunately NO, because tattoos have enjoyed great popularity in the last couple of years and the number of demands for appointments have become too demanding. Bammer has always tried to avoid long waiting times and long-term customers are definitely preferred in the assignment of appointments.

    A definite inquiry for an appointment can be made at all times, especially for smaller tattoos it can be assumed that finding a suitable time should not be a problem by any means.

    Nevertheless, there are reasons why Bammer has to refuse people as customers or why appointments are declined on site.

  • Cover ups – Can all tattoos be covered?

    Almost every tattoo can be covered with a new tattoo, however the possibilities are limited by the tattoo underneath. A vantage for cover ups is if the old tattoo is light-colored or the colors have faded and the new tattoo can be larger in size. The darker and richer in color the new tattoo will be, the better are the chances to fully cover the old tattoo. Free shapes are preferable to graphics/static motives. If you wish to see what a cover up looks like, you can be find it in the gallery’s heading cover ups.

  • Are there any hygienic concerns?

    The procedures of tattooing are for the most part done with disposable supplies and always with sterile materials in a sanitized workspace.  Comparable to a visit at the dentist or at a dermatologist. The legal fundamentals and hygienic standards for a tattoo artist and his work are varying regionally. These can sometimes be so different from place to place that there is a briefing/training as well as a voluntary check done by the local authorities (including a certificate of proficiency). Bammer is always kept up to date about improvements and innovations.

  • Problems with the healing – What has to be done?

    For unexpected complications please contact Bammer immediately to solve the problem. In most cases an unauthorized treatment does not solve the problem, but makes it worse. Here is some general information for the aftercare.

  • Is it true the tattoo colors cause cancer?

    For individual substances in a small number of tattoo colors this is correct, but only in such small amounts that boundary values are never exceeded. Thus, tattoo colors (except for allergic persons) are harmless and are strictly controlled, before entering the European market.

    Substances in individual foods are also carcinogenic, e.g. grilled foods (steaks) as well as foods baked in stone-ovens (bread, pizza). In skin cancer diagnosis it is almost impossible to name the cause in the current state of science. Skin cancer can have various reasons like the sun, the person’s diet, some substances in our clothes or their cleaning agents and even walks in “fresh” air, while there is a high particulate matter emission.

    A small remaining risk cannot be denied, just like riding a bike without a helmet, although it is known that head injuries are the number one cause of death in road traffic.

  • Where can be more information be found about Bammer?

    Details about his person via his profile, an overview of all publications in the specialized press, as well as in studios and cities, in which Bammer has already worked and furthermore can be found in the extensive online portfolio.

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