Post-Treatment and Care

How does a tattoo heal the best way and what has to be kept in mind?

A fresh tattoo comes up to a skin-deep injury, comparable to a scrape, and therefor needs some special treatment until it is completely healed.

The tattooed body part will be wrapped in some foil and should be kept for at least 3 hours, but to up to 12 hours after the appointment. For body parts with callused skin it is recommended to take it off after 5 hours at the latest.

In regard of the high capacity of bacterial contamination of hands, they must be washed thoroughly before the fresh tattoo is being touched.

After the foil is removed (sticking parts of patches can easily be removed in the shower) the tattoo should be cleaned with warm water and some pH-adjusted soap. The concerned body part should be left to dry for 3 – 8 hours – the best in fresh air, because the wound usually moistens a bit. If necessary, it can be covered in foil again. For some body parts, for some skin types and for some jobs, it is recommended to use a foil for another 3 days, but only if it was agreed upon at the appointment and only if the foil is renewed 2 – 3 times a day.

The new tattoo needs to be washed 2 – 3 times a day. The wound should not be soaked –  take a quick shower but don’t take a bath. After a short period of drying, put a thin layer of ointment on the tattooed body part (but never use cosmetic or make-up removal products). Too much creme is one of the most common mistakes in the healing phase.

In the first few days wear some loose clothes. If the clothes stick to the wound, remove it carefully under the shower or with a wet cloth.

Elastic straps, braces (suspenders A.E.), trouser waistbands, zippers, belts, jewelery  and dirt should not get in touch with the fresh tattoo. Don’t shave or use make-up or hair-removal cremes in the area.

The scurf (crust) comes off bit by bit in pieces by itself. Do not scratch and pull off pieces, even if it itches sometimes! By no means the tattoo may get into contact in the healing phase with salted water or chlorine water. Sauna and solarium are prohibited, direct sunlight is to be avoided. One should also not be massaged.

The longer one follows all that, the better. Even if the healing seems superficially seen already concluded – one should include that plan for at least 3 weeks in this process.

The recommended care is not binding or the only variation, but a foil cover for several days, should however be already discussed at the appointment.

Particularly with colors or very sensitive skin parts it can (seldom come to undesirable reactions and/or side effects. These are limited in time (even if maybe longer in time) and are harmless.

With unexpectedly appearing problems one should immediately get in contact with the tattoo artist to receive the right treatment directly, because unauthorized action aggravates the problems according to experience. In rare cases the healing process  can stretch for a longer period of time. There is a huge number of reasons for this, like color quarrelsomeness, skin damages, wrong care, complicated healing of much loaded or moved body parts or disregard of the tips due to professional reasons.

In any case, it is only one matter of time, until the tattoo heals completely. As a rule this happens relatively uncomplicated and often faster than expected. If the healing stretches, nevertheless, a few days longer, patience is of big help, and with the right treatment there is no need to worry.

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