Advance payment (deposit)

Binding to the approved appointment within the effective period (1) an advance payment in a corresponding height (2) via bank transfer  or cash (3) is to be made for security (4) reasons, which will be taken into account at all following appointments (5).

In due time, every appointment can be delayed, cancelled (6) or, but necessarily after consulting – be passed to a third party (7). With alternate appointments (8) it can come to reasonable delays and waiting times. Even if there are reasons, why the advance payment might decline (9), in case of doubt you can usually count on goodwill and concession. Nevertheless, the listed terms have to be accepted and are binding after the agreement. The  advance payment is taken as an approval of acceptance of all the above mentioned rules.

There is no right to claim refund (10), except in some cases. An appropriate part of the advance payment, on the level of a service fee (11) will be kept.

In individual cases where Bammer can not stick to the appointment, an acceptable solution (12) will be provided and the concerned customer will be informed as early as possible.

1) Advance payment terms

2 weeks after the appointment was set, an advance payment is to be made. In case of a short-hand appointment, which will take place within the next 4 weeks, an advance payment is to be made immediately.

2) The amount of the advance payment

Depending on the expected effort, the amount of advance payment is regulated as follows:

  • 50 Euro for appointments that take less than 1 hour.
  • 100 Euro for up to 3 hours
  • 200 Euro for up to 5 hours
  • 250 Euro for appointments over 5 hours
  • 500-1000 Euro for appointments lasting several days or long-term projects.

3) Method of payment

The advance payment can be made cash including a written confirmation. Although preferred is a bank transfer to the account which will be given in the confirmation email after the appointment is set.

4) Security/Why?

Primarily, the advance payment is a security in order to stick to the set appointment and possible changes to be settled in due time. In case of a financial shortage on the side of the customer, furthermore it is a security for the tattoo artist that at least parts of his effort are covered. So, in a series of appointments, the advance payment is taken as a partial payment in the meanwhile instead of canceling appointments.

5) Follow up appointments

Until 5 days before the set date, an appointment can be cancelled or delayed – the advance payment stays in tact. But, if a part of the advance payment was taken into account because of a lack of cash at previous appointments, an extra amount of advance payment has to be paid for all the rest of the set appointments.

6) Canceling appointments

Until 5 days before the set date, an appointment can be cancelled or delayed – the advance payment stays in tact. In case of a cancellation at least 48 hours before the appointment, 75 % of the advance payment, at least 24 hours before the appointment 50% and under 24hours only 25% of the advance payment will be taken into account. In case of not showing up to an appointment without notice, or showing up later than 1 hour without notice, 100% of the advance payment is declined.

7) Passing an appointment to a third party

Not in general, but in some cases an appointment can be passed to a third person after consultation. This can only be made after expressly agreed by Bammer and confirmation of all involved. This reduces the advance payment to 75%.

8) Alternate appointments

Alternate appointments can only be provided if available, which can lead to reasonable delays and waiting times, or longer travels.

9) Decline of advance payment

Aside from showing up unnoticed of over 1 hour or not showing up at all without notice are reasons for a complete decline of the advance payment and hence careless and irresponsible to a third party, as well as a violation of agreement or deliberate offense of the house rules.

Who does not try to find an alternate appointment within 2 years after the cancelled appointment, is taking a complete decline of the advance payment into account. After the 1 year, the advance payment is reduced to 75%.

10) Refund

In general, there is no right for a refund of the advance payment. An exception is, if Bammer can not keep the appointment and there can not be set any alternate appointment within 2 years. If the customer cancels an appointment, only a voucher with the amount of the advance payment can be provided.

The voucher is valid for 2 years and can be passed to a third party. A refund in cash or by bank transfer is not possible.

11) Service fee

Depending on the organizational effort and preparation effort which had to be made before the appointment, a service fee, of maximum 50% of the advance payment is deducted and reduces the total amount of the already made advance payment.

12) Regulations for cancellations

In some (emergency-) cases, like, severe illness, death, terror, natural catastrophes, break of water pipe, car accidents, train or pilot strikes and every other form of higher influence, Bammer must reserve his right to cancel or postpone appointments at short notice. In this case even a payback can be made, but only if no possible alternate appointment can be found within the next 2 years. If the customer has any expenses in this case, the amount of the expense will be taken into account and will be added to the sum of the advance payment already made.

Only if Bammer himself is the one who suffers from death, bankruptcy, or any other severe illness over the length of 2 years, the customer remains without a right for payback.

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