Reasons for exclusion

There are reasons, why some people will not be accepted as customers or why an appointment is discontinued.

The following people (or groups of people) will not be tattooed:

  • Teenagers under 16
  • Pregnant or nursing women
  • People who suffer from a severe illness
  • People who are under the influence of strong medications (e.g. antibiotics)
  • People who are obviously not able to conclude a contract
  • Staff of police or justice (are legally obligated to announce that)

Bammer reserves the right to discontinue the tattoo appointment, if the costumer is under a great deal of annoyance through:

  • A weak circulation
  • Less than 4 hours of sleep in the night before the appointment
  • A lack of food intake
  • The intake of alcohol, medications, or hard drugs
  • Relevant allergies
  • An acute infection (e.g. flu)
  • A medical condition like epilepsy, hemophilia (bleeding disorder), HIV or hepatitis
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