Clarification, Legal-basis and Hygiene standards

The tattoo will usually look different than, e.g., the drawing presentation. Factors like skin colour and skin type are decisive for this among other things. Moreover, size, form and colours of a motive of the respective anatomy of the customer must be adapted. Hence, an exact preview of the result is not possible.

Though the health risks which can be caused by tattoos are academically proved, but, however, to now investigated not further. In spite of careful observance of the hygiene standards in the work routine, appearing complications, like allergic reactions, inflammations and infections, cannot be totally excluded. The customer must also contribute himself to their avoidance, while he obeys the given tips for behaviour and care of the tattoo conscientiously. With unexpectedly appearing problems in the healing process, the customer is asked to get in touch immediately with the tattoo artist to get the best treatment directly. Unauthorized action can aggravate the problems, according to experience. Should it be necessary that a complication must be treated medically, the health insurance schemes are not obliged to take over the costs of the treatment.

Healthwise safe risks must be accepted, as for example a “Blowout”. On this occasion, it is a  running out of tattoo color caused by the conception of the connective tissue, alike  ink on blotting paper.

There is currently no procedure by which a tattoo can be completely removed.

The legal bases and the hygiene standards for the work of a tattoo artist vary on the regional level. Every now and then artists receive in the respective place of work an installation / training as well as a voluntary control provided by the person responsible (with certificate of competency). So, the tattoo artist is  introduced to innovations and kept up-to-date.

The decision for the implementation and creation of the motive wish is up to the customer who wants to allow to tattoo himself. All details discussed with the tattoo artist at the beginning are binding. With the appointment handed over letter of agreement is to be signed by the customer and excludes other legal remedies.

The to be expected (maximum) price is told the customer at the beginning and is valid with it when accepted. This price agreement assumes the liquidity of the customer. Less the if necessary already made deposit, the full price is to be paid with the appointment in cash on site. Any exceptions need a previous arrangement.

All individual arrangements to motive and price are obliging and are used confidentially. Like all customer data, they are defeated by the data protection act.

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