Advance Inquiries

What has to be considered before a tattoo appointment?

A good health- and day-condition is always and advantage, because the amount of pain can be taken easier and the healing process will be influenced positively. That’s is why customers should show about with enough sleep, relaxed and not without an empty stomach. It is to be advised not to take in alcohol and drugs in excessive manner in the hours and days before the appointment, as well as not to use blood thinning medications or pain killers.

The body part that is being worked on should be healthy and free from any substances like cremes or fluids, not fresh shaved and not sun burned. This is also important in the weeks of healing not to put the new tattoo into the sun or solarium (tanning booth), remember this when planning a holiday. (See the post-treatment section)

The requested tattoo motive can only be conditionally tattooed on the wished body part and requires diverse preparations. Therefor, everything regarding the tattoo motive should be clarified before the appointment. Helpful is a concrete description of what a customer wants. Pictures or sketches are to enable the tattoo artist to get to know at least the direction of the tattoo.

The more space is available for the tattoo, the more effort and higher-quality can be put into it.

Not every skin-type is appropriate at the same level. E.g. a large number of birthmarks, freckles and neurodermatitis, strong growth of hair or macro pore skin. On body parts with callused skin like elbows or scar tissues, the motive should be kept rather simple to reach a long-lasting and proper outcome.

Vaguenesses should be cleared before the appointment with the tattoo artist.

Especially if it is a longer appointment, some amusement, like reading a book or watching a movie, can be a welcome distraction from the pain.

It is recommended to wear comfortable clothes – bring extra clothes which allow the tattoo artist to work on the body part and wear clothes that might be stained with color and blood. The artist cannot assume any liability for stains on your belongings.

A compulsive letter of agreement has to be filled out at the appointment. For customers under the age of 18 a written agreement has to be provided.

When the appointment is fixed and confirmed, an advance payment has to be made.

In some studios it is already possible to pay by bank card. Please ask before and bring enough cash to pay.

It is not an advantage to bring a third person to the studio and should be avoided. An exception is a parent, an interpreter, some person of trust or the partner if a partnership tattoo is to be made.

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