Viva la

Bammer’s music project is dedicated to very critical topics such as political disenchantment, social criticism and, above all, the corrupted Austrian constitutional state!
In this regard, Bammer has more than enough reason to condemn, such as the obligation of seeking for the truth, which is not followed by the courts, about the deprivation of his human rights, such as living in dignity, self-determination and freedom – as well as the deprivation of freedom of speech and his right to education has been denied and discrimination based solely on his appearance exists through all instances to this day.
A life that could have been very good, is completely botched by the fact of being born in Austria, Bammer was repeatedly stigmatized as a scapegoat instead of getting protection and justice. Only by doing so, the Austrian State has repeatedly demonstrated that it has forfeited any claim to righteousness.
But to stand strong against these criminals, Bammer will not be afraid of any sacrifice that may occure and he appreciates any support!

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