The COLOR BAN appilies now in the EU!

Until further notice, within the EU unfortunately ONLY colorless tattoos can be made!

According to information from various ink producers, “REACH-compliant” colors will be offered within the next few months. Due to the absence of long-term experience, however, I cannot give any guarantee or liability regarding the durability for eventual “renewal apointments“.

This regulation ( affects all member states of the European Union. In other (European) countries it is still possible to get tattooed with the tried and tested colors of your trust. Which is why I will sometimes switch partial to such countries.

In order to counteract this unreasonable regulation, a petition was launched that can still be signed:

Important for customers of existing and unfinished tattoos:

For upcoming follow-up appointments or touch ups of existing tattoos, legal options are being examined for “old” customers, since the same colors that have already been used can rule out an allergic reaction on the respective customer. In addition, I see an obligation to complete/restore my works in accordance with the binding agreements with my clients, due which I don’t want to be forced to postpone these appointments outside of the EU. More information will be available soon!

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