About Bammer

  • Born in ’78 in the Salzkammergut, Upper-Austria
  • Successfully accomplished compulsory school & incomplete apprenticeship
  • In ’96 moved to Vienna with his first tattoo machine
  • Since ’98 permanently on the road as a tattoo artist
  • Since ’99 with his own tattoo website
  • In ’00 mentioned for the first time in specialized press
  • Since ’01 mainly situated in Berlin/Germany
  • In ’05 opened the Sign-of-Liberty Gallery in Berlin, the first tattoo studio, which was also an art gallery until it was closed in ’14 it provided room for exhibitions and diverse projects of all kinds
  • Since then work is done in numerous guestspots, again and again in Berlin and Linz, where still a small number of appointments are available, as well as at irregular intervals in other cities (see Tour Dates)
  • Sideline projects move2be.com· antidemokr.at


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