Covid19 Information!

Dear customers!

Since I cannot rely on politics and I do not want to disadvantage any of my customers, and the vaccination alone hardly offers any security, the following rules apply to ALL customers equally at each of my workplaces until further notice:

– FFP2-mask compulsory!

The consumption of food is completely prohibited on the premises; the mask can only be removed briefly for the purpose of hydration, following the distance rules.

– Incidence and testing:

A self-test is required from an incidence value of 35.
From a value of 100 a medical Antigen- or PCR-test is mandatory.

In both cases, this must not be older than 24 hours at the beginning of the appointment and must be transmitted digitally or left as a printout – the original can be copied on site.
There is an exception for those arriving from neighboring countries, where a test is required for entry, which must not be older than 48 hours at the beginning of the appointment.

– Covid19 self-assessment:

In addition to the usual declaration of consent, a binding Covid19 self-assessment must be given at the beginning of the appointment, which is handed out on site with the declaration of consent and is subject to data protection.

– Cancellation in case of symptoms!

In the event of contact with infected or ill people or signs of your own illness, please be sure to cancel the appointment! The down payment is handled here in an accommodating manner.

– Accompanying persons are taboo during the pandemic!

In individual cases, such as partner tattoos or customers from shared households, an exception can be made (by arrangement!). Otherwise it is important to attend the appointments alone!

– Additional:

Appropriate products (such as hand disinfection) are available to ensure compliance with the hygiene rules, and compliance with safety distances (if the workflow permits) requires the cooperation of responsible customers.

Please appear to your appointments just on time in order to avoid overlapping with other customers.

A loosening of these regulations is currently not foreseeable and will remain in effect until the withdrawal of some or all of the rules is reasonable.

Thank you for your understanding, Bammer

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