Covid 19 Info

Dear customers!

Until further notice it is due the Covid19 pandemic only possible to work under special conditions, which is partly also the responsibility of my customers, such as:

– Please make appointments punctually to avoid overlaps with other customers.

– Do not bring accompanying persons to the appointment!

– Please show up freshly showered and dressed for the appointment, avoid contact with other people beforehand.

– Maintain safety distances as far as possible!

– Touch as little as possible and disinfect (alternatively wash) your hands when appearance, when you leave and during every break, which of course is possible on site.

– Even if I can provide disposable masks for the appointment, it is better to bring and wear your own facemask.

– In case of contact with infected persons or signs of own illness, please cancel the appointment! Here, I have goodwill regarding the deposit you made.

Further information about appointments will follow shortly!

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation,

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